27 Cognitive Actions That Promote Self-Directed Learning

  1. Explain the significance
  2. Challenge something
  3. Draw a conclusion
  4. Form an important question
  5. Revise a question based on observation & data
  6. Critique something
  7. Observe something
  8. Revise something
  9. Transfer a lesson or philosophical stance from one situation to another
  10. Improve a design
  11. Identify a cause and effect
  12. Compare and contrast two or more things
  13. Test the validity of a model
  14. Separate causes from symptoms
  15. Identify the primary and secondary causes of a problem
  16. Adapt something for something new
  17. Make a prediction and observe what occurs
  18. Narrate a sequence
  19. Study and visually demonstrate nuance
  20. Identify and explain a pattern
  21. Study the relationship between text and subtext
  22. Elegantly emphasize nuance
  23. Critically evaluate a socially-accepted idea
  24. Extract a lesson from nature
  25. Take & defend a position
  26. Record notes during and after observation of something
  27. Form a theory & revise it based on observation and/or data

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