1. Form precise simple sentences

2. Form powerful complex sentences

3. Create sentences using available writing strategies

4. Vary sentence length for effect

5. Structure paragraphs effectively for clarity and effect (SRE, SEE, CEC)


1. Use logical idea organization (Cause/Effect, Chronological)

2. Vary idea organization for effect

3. Use clear introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs


1. Be interesting in topic, form, style, etc.

2. Choose compelling perspective or position

3. Demonstrate advanced understanding

4. Vary sentence length & structure

5. Use language to establish tone & voice


1. Establish clear topic or position

2. Establish a clear audience

3. Establish a clear purpose

4. Use active rather than passive voice

5. Use transitions, idea organization, and      structure to be clear in writing


1. Spelling

2. Capitalization

3. Advanced punctuation

4. Basic punctuation

5. Subject/verb agreement

6. Structure: sentence, paragraph, paper, etc.