Possibility Learning: Learning Though Endless Combinations

Pick and choose one or more of the following “pieces” to use and/or combine to create a learning experience that’s meaningful to you, and results in something interesting, playful, and uniquely “you.

Try to start with yourself: Who are you, what are you a part of, and what does that membership suggest that you understand and do?

Remember, these are just examples. There are dozens for every category!

Needs & Content 

Citizenship; self-knowledge; stuff you’re curious about; stuff other people study; community needs; academic standards

Audience (people who want or need to know)

Family/Friends/Peers/ Community

Roles (point of views to think/act from)

Historian, Farmer, Documentarian, Scientist, Designer, Engineer, Writer, Photographer, Artist, Journalist, Teacher, Curator, CEO, Human Being, Activist, Botanist, Conservationist, Hippie, Troll, etc.

Purposes (Why you’re acting)

To explore/explain/ inspire

To create/design/iterate

To repair/restore/save

Media & Media Channels (where the ideas are)

Books, poems, essays, YouTube, apps, movies, stories, songs, videos, encyclopedias, posters, conversations, nature, video games, etc.

Apps (that research, simulate, record, create, publish, curate, connect, etc.)

(add apps here)

Cognitive Actions (how to think)

Bloom’s Taxonomy, TT Taxonomy, TT Cognitive Actions List

Learning Strategies (how you’re going to learn)

Model-Based Learning; IBL; Play; meLearning; SDL; Reflect & Respond; Project-Based Learning (4 Ps);

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